Carls Patio + South Trail Design Center


Retail Construction



Instilling Elegance

Florida’s sunny outdoor lifestyle is legendary, and furniture retailer Carls Patio ensures that many of the best moments at home are made outside.

The company hired Wessel Construction to create an elegant, functional retail space that reflects the quality and style of the store’s offerings. Wessel considered curb appeal, value, store environment, staff efficiency, guest comfort—even water runoff—in the retail construction project. The project tallied 17,000 sq. ft. for the creation and build-out of the South Trail Design Center.

Wessel Construction wanted guests to experience a sense of grandeur when they stepped in to Carls Patio. As a result, Wessel steered away from a compartmental show room, taking a nod from mid-century industrial design to create an uncluttered expanse of exposed ceiling, utilitarian lighting and cool neutral finishes. An oversized granite island serves as sales station, and the dramatic digital display above it impresses guests. Importantly, these stylistic choices don’t overpower the beautiful product displays, and they leave plenty of space for shoppers to browse.

For the exterior, columned walkways and recessed areas break up the facade and provide shade and breeze. An angled doorway tucks back into one corner of the building to create a dramatic point of entry for that tenant.

The sophisticated retail construction of Carls Patio and the South Trail Design Center has curb appeal for sure, but what you don’t see from the road is equally impressive. Notably, the parking lot hides an underground storm water retention area—a refined space-saving alternative to a ground-level reservoir.

With this project, Wessel demonstrates how the power of creativity in building design and construction can positively impact guest experience—and elevate retailer business.

  • Complete exterior/interior retail construction
  • Underground storm water retention
  • Attractive retail strip center
  • 17,000 Sq. Ft.
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