Bayside Community Church


Bayside Community Church Expansion



Lifting Spirits

Bayside Community Church was in desperate need of additional facilities to accommodate its growing membership. Wessel was called in on this 60,000 sq. ft. church campus expansion project to create three main spaces: a large interim sanctuary, a youth space and themed children’s wing.

Wessel Construction created spacious children’s rooms that inspire play and launch imaginations. We installed carpeted stadium seating in a brightly appointed kids’ gathering space plus a whimsical stage for puppet shows and performances. Rocket ships, juke boxes, clubhouses and brightly colored walls lend excitement to themed rooms for different age groups, while large spiral slides and rock climbing walls amaze kids and parents alike.

Another key component of the church expansion project entailed build-out of the new Youth Auditorium, which provides flex space for modular seating options. The chrome and black stage creates an edgy focal point for bands and presentations.

Airy, open-ceiling hallways adorned with modern light fixtures and coated concrete floor give the space an energetic vibe, while cafe seating complete with cityscape murals create the perfect place for a cozy chat.

For kids of all ages, Wessel has created a foundation of joy and exuberance at Bayside Community Church.

  • 60,000 Sq. Ft. Church Expansion
  • 1,000-Seat Interim Sanctuary
  • Stadium Seated Gathering Space
  • Themed Children’s Wing
  • Youth Auditorium

  • Your team spent many hours listening to these distinctions and were able to not only accommodate us but to do it with excellence.

    Pastor Alex Anderson Executive Pastor

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